Our Philosophy


We are living in a very unique time: Many of us are now faced with the dilenma not of what to get, but what to let go. There's too much: too much stuff, too much information, too many options. Letting go, and keeping only those that matters, is becoming a widespread challenge.

With GOOODs, we aim at providing material goods in an experiential way; that the acquiring of these few items are with thorough understanding of the stories behind them, their merits as well as their limitations, and that the whole process from sourcing to delivery are all considered.

We do not believe induced impulse shopping. Nor do we believe in exaggerated persuasions. Here at GOOODs, we wish to provide meaningful everyday objects made by sincere creators. In fact, the 3 Os in GOOODs stand for Original, Ordinary, Objects.

How GOOODs Works

On our journeys, every now and then we discover an artisan whose creations are not only works of ingenuity and quality, but of love. When that happens, we do our best to exchange our passion and strike a cross-over collaboration. With these artisans of all trades we pair it with our Experience brands to create unique everyday products with story and love.

With every collaboration, we focus on producing only one (set of) objects for a limited number, and exhibit it for an unset period of time on our online space. All of these items will be curated under exhibition themes for various periods of time. 

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us.

What, in short, is GOOODs? 

GOOODs is a cross-over retail exhibition platform for Original, Ordinary Objects.